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    Capitol Summit Recap

    Rob and I shot and edited this short video highlighting the efforts of high level outdoor industry […]

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    Tuning the Student Mind

    Tuning the Student Mind is a documentary about a sociology professor who confronts her students ideological perspectives […]

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    Welcome to the Mar

    This video uses several mediums including video shot by my partner Rob and myself to show how tourists can […]

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    Boulder County community members share their stories of resilience one year after the September 2013 floods. […]

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    Thrilling Instead of Killing

    Amy Ippoliti swims with whale sharks and manta rays to bring awareness to the destructive practices […]

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    Strength, Flexibility and Balance

    Written, Directed and Edited By Jason Bowman jasonbowmanyoga.com       Cinematographer

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    In September 2013, Colorado’s Front Range area was hit by an unprecedented rainfall and massive floods. […]

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    90 Minutes to Change the World

    Promotional video for 90 Monkeys, an online resource and education center for yoga teachers.     […]

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    Boulder Bee Yards

    The Boulder Bee Yards brings the Boulder community together to experience the taste of wild-flower honey and […]

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    Streams of Consequence

    This is the online format of a 27 minute documentary my partner Rob Jackson co-produced and edited for Rios Libres called Streams […]

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    Campus Kitchen

    The Campus Kitchens Project collects food headed for the trash and redistributes it to people in need. […]

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    Working Vision

    Working Vision focuses on the prevention and treatment of work-related injuries in the developing world.    […]

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    Rural Studio

    Located in the heart of the Deep South, Auburn’s Rural Studio puts up buildings for locals […]

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    Cajun Man

    We joined “Black” for an afternoon swamp tour in Houma, Louisiana. He showed us gators, turtles, […]

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    Still Life Still Alive

    This piece originated as a simple assignment from one Free to Be TV founder to the […]

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    Completed in 2009 at the College for Creative Studies.       Writer, Director, Editor